Here are some examples of the illustrations and information that can be found on this CD. These illustrations are at 1/2 the size and the text is an abbreviated caption to that found on the actual CD-ROM.
F-86D-5-NA, 50-0509, NACA
This F-86D was one of several flown by NACA in the mid-1950s at the Ames Laboratory. Studies included general airframe testing as well as intercept testing with the onboard radar. The tail is painted orange with the yellow NACA band & wing emblem on the tail. The word "TEST" is in black.
F-86D-50-NA, 52-10064, 431st FIS
Definitely one of the more colorful F-86Ds, this example from the 431st FIS carries the scheme worn by the unit shortly after its arrival in Europe. The 431st unit emblem is on the tail band, and the unit's famous comet is spread across the fuselage.
F-86D-45-NA, 52-3900, 440th FIS
The 440th FIS saw several different marking changes throughout its life with the F-86D. This particular scheme was one of the ones worn by the unit in Europe and consists of yellow and black rays on the tail, with the 440th unit emblem near the top. The three fuselage stripes are outlined in black.
F-86L-55-NA, 53-0573, 125th FIS
This F-86L of the 125th FIS carries the unit emblem on the tail and a red and white striped rudder with a red band on the tail with a white silhouette of the state of Oklahoma. The belly of this F-86L has been painted in aircraft gray.
F-86L-50-NA, 51-10174, 199th FIS
Once Hawaii became a state, the Sabre Dogs became quite colorful. This example shows off some of that color, with yellow and red checks on the tail, red/yellow/red fuselage stripes, and the name "Clarysse" on the nose.
F-86L-45-NA, 53-4023, 146th FIS
Since the Air National Guard received many of its F-86Ls from USAF stock, most carried standard USAF markings. This example from Pennsylvania's 146th FIS still has the U.S. AIR FORCE faintly visible on the forward fuselage, and carries a striking sharkmouth. The unit emblem is on the tail and consists of a Keystone Cop over the state emblem of a keystone.
F-86D-31-NA, 51-6028, No. 726 Squadron
The exception to the rule. The planes of No. 726 Squadron made up for the blandness of the other squadrons by painting their planes up like this. The drop tanks also received special treatment, with a blue front and white chevrons. The 726 Squadron emblem is on the fuselage, and like the example above it carries a three-letter code on the nose.
F-86D, 14105, JRV
When the F-86Ds first arrived with the JRV they were in an overall natural metal finish. The serial number was in black at the top of the fin, while the last three digits were repeated on the nose as well as the upper right and lower left wings. This example has a shark face painted on the nose.

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