The L.F.G Roland D.VIa

By Bob Pearson

Roland pioneered wooden fuselages for German aircraft. Their C.II showed that it was possible to make a strong, light fuselage using wood. Unfortunately their first fighters, the D.II and D.III were unsuccessful, however their next design to see operational use, the D.VI was much better. It was the D.VIs misfortune to enter service at the same time as the superlative Fokker D.VII and Pfalz D.XII.

LFG Roland D.VIa 1205/18
Gefr Jakob Tischner
Jasta 35b

LFG Roland D.VIa 36xx/18
Vzfw Emil Scape
Jasta 33
Ennemain Aerodrome
July 1918

LFG Roland D.VIa 3612/18
Ltn Hans Jungwirth
Jasta 78b
Burcheid Aerodrome
June 1918


Dan-San Abbott
LFG Roland D.VI Datafile

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